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Physicians can treat diseases but cannot treat diseases having root causes dispersed in environment. Air pollution is a global issue. It is more dangerous than 10 ranked global diseases as it causes diseases and enhances too Almost every bronchial infection and skin diseases are caused by air pollution. Cancer, psychological disorders and ill patients are increasing due to carbon monoxide, inorganic gases, smoke, pesticides, ground-level ozone, particulate matters, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide etc. Man-made air pollutants are uncontrolled and non-seasonal. The sources are industries and increasing population density. The industry releases gases, smokes, dust, fly ash etc while population density increases the use of more industries, pesticides, vehicles for transportation, deforestation etc. The destruction of forest and mountains are creating a place for constructions to live but big trouble to health. Industrial and commuting transport pollutants are increasing the threat to livings as well as non-living. However air purifier India index is not stable all the time as it regulates with the weather changes. The best example is Delhi where air pollution increases 4-5 times during winter as compare to rainy season although spiked far beyond acceptable level during all seasons. The global environmental change increased the risk to life as human beings are killing the natural controller of air pollution i.e. trees. Every individual is responsible for the cause of air pollution by being irresponsible.

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Air pollution is a global issue. It is more dangerous than 10 ranked global diseases as it causes diseases and enhances too. It is ranked fifth in mortality after cardiovascular diseases, road accidents, smoking and malaria. India is ranked third air polluted country after China and USA. The main causes of air pollution in India are fuel and biomass burning, fuel adulteration, traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emission. WHO reports fuel and biomass burning causes indoor pollution and carbon monoxide poisoning due to burning chullahs, dung cakes, coal, fuel wood etc. causing nearly death of 4 lacs people every year. Fuel adulteration is the big concern in metros as well as small cities due to malpractices of fuel use for public and heavy transport vehicles. Traffic congestion is another issue in India due to small roads and more vehicles. The lower speed of the vehicle increases fuel burning and pollutes air. India is rated third for carbon dioxide emission from transport vehicles, power plants, industries and domestic use.

The Air Quality Index Monitor provides number from 1 to 10+ to indicate the level of health risk associated with local air quality. However the amount of air pollution is graded as Low (1-3) Moderate (4-6) High (7-10) Very high (above 10). As per the report of WHO global air pollution year 2018 that out of 15 most polluted cities of the world 14 cities are only from India. The air pollution is not a problem just outdoor but indoor pollutants are ignored in India.

The common indoor pollutants according to the Environmental Protection Agency are excessive moisture, volatile compounds, improper ventilation, gas stoves, fume from dry cleaned garments, household pets, dust particles, pesticides, viruses and bacteria. The outdoor air quality can be improved by considering the area/city based root cause of the crisis, tackle the right problem and implementation on war front that includes air pollution awareness, strict norms for Industries and transportation vehicles. Controlling indoor pollution is tough task but can be fixed up to some level by moisture control, avoiding indoor smoking, minimum use of carpets and using dust filters. There are products which can be used for the control of indoor air pollution. Dr. Munish Ahuja (Molecular biologist) with 15-18 years of national and international experience has come to the rescue with multiple products under PranaVital that includes room purifiers, car purifier and industrial purifiers.

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