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We are already witnessing an unprecedented pandemic outbreak that came to light on December 31, 2019, when China passed on the information of cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan city. Subsequently, air purifier help with this situation other cases came to light in other provinces of China and the rest of the world. The virus is recognized as the SARS- CoV-2  and the disease called COVID-19. Currently, the entire world is under the flame of this deadly disease. When this kind of pandemic emerges, we need to be ready to take the situation under control. We need to support one another and try to make harmony and peace. At this time we also get concerned about protecting our near and dear ones. Since the virus is very deadly and it is spreading from one person to another. Hence there is also a need to safeguard our living premises from being infected. Hence we at Pranavital have come up with the air purifiers that will allow you to breathe in the clean environment and ensure you to safeguard your health.

There are various factor to consider when it comes to the air quality of the vicinity where you live. Though these days mother nature is witnessing various technical advancements of mankind and air pollution has been the flipside to these advancements.

This flipside has led to the emergence of various problems mainly health related ones. One of the main concern in the current time is the Covid 19 virus. With the current pandemic situation prevailing all over the world, the air quality index ratio has gone down. In India alone, the majority of the population is suffering from one respiratory disease or the other. And the reason for occurring all these diseases is none other than Indoor Air Pollution (IAP). IAP refers to the pollution of the air in the rooms. The latter can belong to homes as well as offices. This would further conclude that homes and offices are also suffering from IAP. Hence we at Pranavital have come up with this resolution to purify the air of our surrounding. We provide air purifiers that aim to reduce 99% of the air pollution within your surrounding and provide you with the quality air to breath.

We are one of the leading air purifier India who strives hard to provide you with air purifiers. We follow high work ethics so that we can meet the demand of the people and reach out to you when you need it the most. Get air purifiers and secure you are well being.

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