UVC intelligent Air Purifier – SMAF4



  1. One Key Operation
  2. 15 million Negative Ions/cm3
  3. Eco Friendly UVC led light
  4. C Type 5V input
  5. PM 2.5 dust sensor (real-time monitoring)
  6. 1800mAH Lithium Battery


  1. Type C Port
  2. Material: ABS+rubber oil
  3. Dimensions:  80 mm X 80 X 126 mm
  4. Weight: 425 gm (including the cup holder)
  5. Input: 5V 1000mA
  6. Power < 8W
  7. LED life 10000h
  8. UV wavelength: 260nm-280nm
  9. Weight: 425gm (including holder 137gm)
  10. Noise < 38 dB
  11. CE/FCC/RoHS/Prop65/UL

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Kill 99% of the Germs

Disinfecting by UVC- LED. The UV light at wavelength 260-280 nm easily makes bacteria killed by damaging the molecular structure of the DNA or RNA which is safe and eco-friendly. The witch the whole process achieves a 99% sterilization effect.

Anion sterilization and purification

The air purifier can release high-density negative ions, which quickly kill all kinds of bacteria and germs and make your car with natural oxygen.  The unstable negative ion actively attracts the polluted microparticles in the air which are always positively charged thus making the invisible pm 2.5 form into a duster and fall.  The negative ion also can damage the bacterial protein to make it weak or dead to achieve air purification and sterilization. In addition, it is unnecessary to replace the filter.

Sharp sensor and atmosphere light

The unit integrates a high-density PM 2.5 sensor from Sharp in Japan, which monitors the air condition in real-time and displays the air quality data on the panel.  Different colors of the atmosphere light correspond to different air quality which is convenient for users to know and check

1800mAH Pure Cobalt Lithium Battery

The product has a built-in 1800mAH Pure Cobalt lithium battery, free of wires portable, and easy to use. When its fully charged battery duration is about 240 minutes.

Removable Base available for Varieties of Environment

The device with the removable base when the base is removed is suitable for placing on the tabletop and adapting to various environmental positions. After the base is installed,  it is suitable for being placed in the  Cupholder of the car to purify the air inside the car and at the same time decorate your car.


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