PRANA 360 L ( Air Purifier for Laboratories)

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Specially designed and Material used for Laboratory Set up.


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Laboratory Purifier

PranaVital 360 L air purifier is specially designed for biological and chemical laboratories GMO labs and Hospital/Diagnostic laboratories.

This machine is highly efficient laboratory air purifier and consist of the ring type large area multilayer composite high-efficiency strainer, and in conjunction with the rapid response catalyst, UV lamp and surface spray nano anatase titanium dioxide Honey come ceramic Rods

It can quickly filter the airborne bacteria, PM 2.5 particles, formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds and Gases.

The machine is equipped with the negative oxygen and generator up to 3,000,000 ions per centimetre square to effectively improve the air quality and allow you to breathe the fresh air.

In particular, the machine is equipped with the super suction vortex fan and advanced air duct guaranteeing the greater air flow to effectively save the energy and reduce the noise.

The overall design is simple low maintenance and suitable for different kind of lab setting.



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