Sound humidifier



Input:  5V/ 2A

Ultrasonic Power: 4W

Input interface: Type C

Material: ABS+PC

Weight: 330g

Dimension: 202*60*106mm

Touch button

160ml capacity water tank( 6 hours humidification)

Spray Quantity 30ml/H

Sleep mode(timer setting)

Night light On/Off

Add essential oils for aromatherapy

White noise sounds ( 6 sounds setting)

Package include: white noise machine, Type C cable, user manual

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FAQ/Troubleshooting ?


1.  No power:

  • Check if the power is connected correctly.
  • Check whether the power adapter is damage.

2. Start humidification mode, no wind or mist:

  • Restart after adding enough water to the water tank.
  • Check if the mist outlet is blocked.
  • Clean the water tank and replace it with clean water.

3. No sound:

  • Turn up the volume.
  • Turn off silent mode.

4. Sprayed mist has a smell:

  • Clean the water tank and replace it with clean water.

5. Leaking equipment:

  • The water tank is not properly filled with water and the water is added  directly from the spray nozzle, causing water leakage. Pour out the water in the base of the machine and the water in the water tank directly, set it aside to dry or use a hairdryer to use it correctly.
  • Close the water tank cover tightly and place the machine horizontally.



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