PranaVital Air Purifiers help in the Pandemic

With the current pandemic conditions, CoViD -19 has been a greatest health hazard factor for masses. It is not that we are not aware of it, we are aware of it but we need to be more firm in choosing our atmosphere or surrounding. The people that are more prone to this disease are the old age people and children. We can also save other people lives’ by safeguarding ourselves. We have taken a initiative to procure a healthy environment in our home. Hence we have come up with the one stop solution. An air purifier is an equipment that helps to reduce air pollutants to purify the surrounding air. Purifiers eliminate pollutant particles from the air and therefore, provide a clean and safe air to breath in.

Why we need a air purifier in our homes?

This is one of the frequently asked question by the people who are facing the alarming levels of air pollution. Every day, newspapers are filled with a lot of ads of purifiers that claim to provide you with the best in class air cleaning. Though it is quite easy to fall in trap for any of the ad. But it is mandatory to look watch out for each and every aspect of the air purifier price

before making the final choice.

However, in India it seems to be a new concept but it has been gaining more and more popularity in the country, especially the Northern region. One of the obvious signs of using it is the current pandemic situation, where you need to make sure that you have a healthy atmosphere at your home, office or living premises. Our northern states that comprises of Punjab, Haryana, and the national capital, Delhi are  enveloped in a thick layer of smog. Smog is basically the small size pollutants that gets bundled over the water drops in the environment. This is also the cause of several health related problems that have emerged due to intense air pollution. The health related symptom’s may include congested nose, cough, difficulty in breathing, and many others.

Many of us think that we are safe in our office or home premises but it is not exactly true at all. Indoor air quality is seeming to be 10 – 30 times more polluted than the outdoors. The above mentioned point simply signifies that you are not completely safe inside your home. And when it comes to protecting ourselves from the clutches of this threat, we need the best choice air purifier that can help us stay safe.

Pranavital is the leading company in securing people’s health by providing room air purifier. We have saved millions of live ‘s till now. It’s your turn to make wiser choice. Live healthy, live happily.

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