What is Air Pollution & How can one cope up with this it?

Cause & Adverse Effect of Air Pollution

  • We live in an era where the greatest scourge is air pollution, on account of not only its Impact on environmental change but also severe health issues on Human beings.
  • Air Pollution is the contamination of air by pollutants like nitrogen oxide, CO2, SO2, dioxin, PAHs(Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). All these components you can see on the metrological air quality monitor of many Govt offices & Public Places.
  • Whatsoever be the situation, CO2 monitoring is always problematic for an Environmental Scientist & Researcher. If you regularly inhabit metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, you & someone from your family may get excruciated from chronic intoxication, Asthma, acute bronchitis, and also Lung cancer.
  • The only mystical way to tackle this terrible situation is through public awareness. They must go through air quality monitors to get inestimable knowledge of air pollution.
  • A complete air quality monitoring device does not only provides enough indoor environment data rather also helps in the absorption of Non-dispersive infrared absorption NDIR.

Impact of Negligence of Air quality & CO2 Monitoring

Community & Economic Effects

  • Prolonged exposure to air pollutants like CO2, PM (2.5 to 10) can result in altered respiratory rates, metabolic stress, hypertension.
  • Experimental studies on humans have shown that short-term exposure to CO2 affects cognitive performances, decision making & problem-solving capacity.
  • CO2 monitoring is also useful for indoor ornamental plants because a normal 400 ppm concentration is required for photosynthesis in plants.
  • The global explosion of population and fast-paced urbanization have worsened the air quality over the last few decades that’s why people around are longing for breath.
  • Therefore, there is an emerging need for efficient air quality management practices. Hence air quality monitoring becomes the prime factor that enables us to breathe fresh and pure air.
  • Behind the idea of making air quality monitoring devices the major attention was Co2 concentration because it’s among most havoc global warming causing gas.

Why will we need an air quality Monitor?

Monitoring of air pollution

  • Air quality monitor is our 24*7 personal assistant guide to show the data of the precise value of indoor air quality. Monitoring is done to keep a track of the quality of air to collect information & improve it.
  • It widely focuses on CO2 monitoring. If anyhow CO2 level rises either due to crowding, burning of an organic compound, smoke frequently, it informs us before CO2 reaches a threshold value.
  • Multiple factors control the air quality of a place like thermal & Air temperature, radiation, Relative humidity, wind speed, etc. All these data are available on an air quality monitor to control & manage that by air purifier and other devices to make the indoor environment healthier than outdoor conditions.
  • Air quality Monitoring devices are best in an indication of CO2, Smoke & Air Suspended Particles. The device work on the high-end air quality sensor at a possibly low-cost price.
  • Air quality monitor device is easy to On & Off just holding the top button for few second, light in weight(113) with Qualistic ABS material are used, less volume & Power consuming.


• Please keep the device away from moisture & dusty places.

• Regularly piercing of pores of device maintain air inlet to outlet & keep the device healthier.


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